Below are a list of questions that we are frequently asked. If you have a question hopefully it will be answered below for you. for but if the information you need isn’t there please do not hesitate to contact us using hello@greatbritishbeeco.com

What is ‘raw’ honey?

Most honey on sale is heat processed. This process damages the unique nutritional properties linked to health benefits through ingestion or functionality in skincare. The use of ‘Raw’ is intended to signify that the product has not been heat processed and contains all the natural goodness.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, only humans - mostly nurses.

Why do you your products not have the leaping bunny symbol?

We have not applied for leaping bunny certification at this stage due to financial costs involved.

Why do you your products not yet B CORP certified?

For the same reason as above

Are your products Vegan?

Bee products are not widely accepted as being suitable for Vegans.

Are your products Palm Oil Free ?


Are your products Organic ?

Our Honeywash liquid soap base is, we use Organic materials in some of our other products but don’t make any Organic claims.

Do your products contain artificial preservatives?

Our current product range is 100% preservative free

Do any of your products contain Nanoparticles ?


Do any of your products contain Microbeads ?


Do any of your products contain Parabens?


Do any of your products contain Propylene Glycol ?


Do you only use British honey ?


Are your products EU safety assessed ?

Yes all our products are safety assessed by an EU registered safety assessor

Is your product packaging recycled ?

Most of our packaging is already recycled and if not is recyclable. All our glass and aluminium is fully recycled.

Is your packaging plastic free?

The vast majority of our product packaging is plastic free, we have two plastic pumps we are aiming to replace with compostable alternatives later in 2023 or 2024. We sometimes give away seeds in foil envelopes, which is the best way to protect the seed but these are not recyclable

Are your shipping packaging materials recycled ?

Our shipping products are all plastic free, we often re-use cardboard and all materials are in a recycled state already or recyclable

 Can I return my item to be re-filled?

Unfortunately not at the moment but we are working on it

Do your Balms melt ?

They will at very high temperature but temperature storage guidance is on all packaging

What is the shelf life of your products ?

Every product has a POA (Period after Opening) symbol on the packaging which clearly shows how many months the product should be used after opening

Are your beeswax candles 100% pure beeswax ?


Do your Pharmacy candles contain beeswax ?

No, they contain a blend of plant wax 

Is the beeswax used in you hand care products 100% natural ?


Do you only use your own beeswax ?

We use our own beeswax and source wax from other beekeepers for our own products, but can also produce ranges for people using their own beeswax and honey.

Are you products all fragranced with essential oils ?

The majority are yes. Some products have single essential oils, some our own bespoke essential oil blends and where essential oils do not exist for an ingredient, we use a fragrance eg Honeysuckle.

Where do you sell your honey ?

We sell our own honey, and occasionally other beekeepers honey directly to the public at events

Do you sell your honey online?


Which retail outlets can we buy your products ?

Please contact us with your postcode and we’ll let you know the nearest stockist

What are your shipping costs ?

Please refer to checkout area on our website

Do you ship to other countries ?

Yes we ship WORLDWIDE



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