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Honey bees play a fundamental role in supporting and shaping our natural environment and ecosystems.  A few years ago we decided the best way we could support them was to raise as much funding for UK honey bee research as we could.

We decided on a simple vision: to design the best possible products using British beeswax and honey blended with ingredients grown in the British countryside.

All our products are painstakingly designed by us, hand crafted and tested with product quality and your experience in mind. We've collaborated with British seed oil growers, artisan craftspeople, British suppliers manufacturers and other members of the Bee Farming Association who have enthusiastically embraced our vision and spirit.

Our products are now starting to get the industry recognition their quality deserves and have become multi-award winning.

This is just the beginning, we have big plans and high hopes. Our future success will be determined by the relationships we develop with our customers and independent retailers.

Every single time one or our products is purchased, your skin and the British countryside will benefit as we help fund essential UK bee research.

Thank you !


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